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Open sea activity in Kuching is between April to September only.



We only offer weekend scheduled trips. All schedules will only be out 2 weeks before the coming month.

All dive trips are day trip and for two boat dives. We have always avoided the afternoon as weather can be tricky.



Diving here is simply divided to two types - leisure and adventure. Leisure diving are conducted around Satang Island and nearby shallow reefs where diver can enjoy a variety of different topography and eco-system.

While adventure dives are generally wreck diving here where we visit shipwrecks from WWII era or artificial reefs made of purposely sunk fishing trawlers. Experience and minimum Advanced certification is required for these dives as they are located at remote areas.



We launch our boat from Santubong, which is about 30 minutes from the city. During trips, divers are expected at PMSC Dive Station by 8am to register, check their equipment and for dive briefing before we depart for dive. Divers can expect to be back at the boat shed by around 2.30pm.

Our station has basic facility such as toilet, outdoor shower, changing room, equipment rinsing tank and briefing area.



Day Trip (Min. 2 pax) Leisure Dive Adventure Dive
Per diver
MYR 400 MYR 450
Inclusive - Boat charter fee, use of weights and belt, drinking water, light food, dive guide fee and national park fee (Satang National Park).
Not inclusive of land transfer, swim wear and towel.

Equipment Rental Per Diver
MYR 20
BCD only MYR 50
Regulator only MYR 50
Full set MYR100

Discover Snorkeling Program
Day Trip (Min. 4 pax) to Satang Islands


Child 8 - 12 years

MYR 280/pax

MYR 250/pax



All trip participation must be pre-booked.

Divers can either tag along our scheduled trips or if they have enough numbers, they can choose their own schedule.



An ideal destination for day trip leisure diving or snorkeling, exploring the reefs just off the coast of Kuching with Premier Marine & Scuba Centre.



A pair of islands where water flowing out from mangrove on the mainland provides nutrient for juvenile fishes that takes shelter on the fringing reefs. Divers can expect to see plenty of tropical reef fish and small critters.

The fringing reefs surrounding the main island are covered with hard corals, huge boulder corals and on certain spot, more than a metre wide seafan can be found sitting just few metres from the surface.

A variety of nudibranch can be found depending on the month but fishes that are commonly seen includes blue ringed angelfish, various species of juvenile grouper, snapper, mangrove jack, stary puffer, copper banded butterflyfish, cromis and damsel.

Sea turtles here are plenty but considered shy towards human. However, PMSC has a few spots where encounter are more likely especially when there are less boat around.

As the islands are quite near to mainland, changes in tide will cause the quality of the visibility.

Suitable for beginner divers, underwater photographer and snorkelers. Maximun depth is 10m. National Park fee is charged on per day entry.



The island shares some similarity to Satang Islands but it is less visited mainly because it has less shallow reefs for snorkeling activity. However, PMSC knows a few spots where there are plenty of small marine life and are great playgrounds for micro hunters.

Suitable for divers. Maximum depth 8m.



A popular fishing spot for local fishermen and anglers. The reef provides shelter to pelagic fish such as snappers and fusiliers. The reef is made of huge boulders with spinny lobsters living under rocks and in crevices.

Suitable for divers. Current can be strong at times. Maximum depth 14m.



Wreck adventure Kuching


WWII Wrecks Of Kuching

Before Christmas 1941, just weeks after Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) set sail for Kuching as part of their plan to take control of Borneo. As Borneo stood on the main sea routes between Java, Sumatra, Malaya and Celebes, it was vital for the Japanese to secure this territory. The Japanese fleet came from Miri, the northern town of Sarawak and Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina. News of the invasion was received by the Dutch and their submarine division was deployed from Tarakan, North Kalimantan to intercept the Japanese fleet.

On the 23rd of December 1941, the Dutch submarine division under the command of KX-IV found the Japanese invasion fleet assembling off the coast of Santubong outside of Kuching. According to historical maritime records, a total of five ships were sunk but only three are known today which are Katori Maru, Hiyoshi Maru and Sagiri. The whereabouts of Katori Maru and Hiyoshi Maru has been passed down through generations of local fisherman and anglers while Sagiri was only discovered recently. Today, all the three wrecks serve as an underwater home to a wide variety of pelagic fish species



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